Protection of personal information

Protection of personal information

Company policy regarding protection of personal information

1.Basic policy
The JR Hokkaido Bus Company (“the company” from hereon) will carefully follow laws and internal regulations regarding personal information, ensuring that acquisition, use and management of personal information by the company is done appropriately.
2.On handling of personal information
  • (1) Acquisition of personal information
    In acquiring personal information, its intended uses will be as limited and specific as possible, so as to only acquire the necessary information.
  • (2) Proper use, provision and entrustment of personal information.
    Personal information will be used within the proposed field of purposes.
    As we have advance permission from customers, unless there is a legal requirement or it is necessary to protect something important (such as the customer's finances or life), the information will not be provided to third parties or used outside its intended purposes.
    Furthermore, if it is to be entrusted to another party, proper oversight, guidance etc. will be performed, without disclosure to third parties except companies we have signed a non-disclosure agreement with.
  • (3) Appropriate management
    A management overseer will be placed in each business that handles personal information, ensuring it is managed properly.
    Manuals and procedures regarding personal information will be provided, and the utmost care will be taken to spread them around the company.
  • (4) Disclosure, deletion, correction etc. (inquiries, editing etc.)
    If the customer wishes for disclosure, deletion, correction etc. for their personal information (inquiries, editing etc.), we will deal with this within a reasonable scope and span of time.
  • (5) Miscellaneous
    Regarding personal information within the company's various enterprises, beyond this policy, there will be various requirements according to the business.
    The basic policy can always be seen at the company's homepage (URL:, available for viewing at any time.

The company's basic policy regarding handling of specific personal information

JR Hokkaido Bus follows various laws and internal regulations, such as “laws concerning use of numbers used to identify individuals in legal proceedings”. We will handle personal numbers and the information included therein ('specific personal information' from hereon) appropriately, as outlined below.

1.The purpose of use of personal information
The purposes of use for specific personal information and limited-field specific personal information will be handled within the range necessary for the legally required protection of personal ID number related actions.
2.Safety management measures
We will dedicate ourselves to safe management to prevent leaking or loss of specific personal information in our hands.
3.System for the ID number policy-related businesses
The ID number policy-related businesses will be handled by a specified business representative, and the business representative will be overseen by a business manager, who in turn answers to a management overseer.
4.Response to inquiries
We will respond to all contact and questions relating to specific personal information as quickly and appropriately as we are able to.

Announcement points regarding “laws relating to protection of personal information”.

Based in 'laws relating to protection of personal information', we have the following announcements to make.

1.The name of the personal information handling business
JR Hokkaido Bus Company.
2.Intended use purposes.
The information that the company will obtain (including by commission) and the intended use purposes for personal data in our care is as follows.
(1)Intended uses of personal information (excepting specific personal information1 )
  • ・To acquire transport, lodgings, various services they provide etc. as necessary for trips registered to by customers.
  • ・Ensuring, in reservation/name-based products and services, that we deliver the goods and services to the correct person.
  • ・To specify the contractee.
  • ・For payment.
  • ・To send prizes, compensation etc.
  • ・To select new hires and provide the company's employment information.
  • ・To otherwise communicate as necessary.
  • ・To carry out commissions regarding other travel companies, transport groups, lodging facilities, tourism facilities, communication businesses, insurance companies, etc.
  • ・To process orders and payments, promote orders/goods/services/sales, and ship goods/services.
(2)Intended uses of specific personal information
  • ・With holding related duties
  • ・Payment record related duties
  • ・Regional special taxation-related duties
  • ・Savings accumulation-related duties
  • ・Employment insurance-related duties
  • ・Workers' compensation-related duties
  • ・Health insurance-related duties
  • ・Pension insurance-related duties
  • ・Resident Pension 3 Insurance claim-related duties
Where to consult for other matters relating to customers' personal information
JR Hokkaido Bus Company general affairs department
Phone number: 011-622-8000 (9:00 – 18:00 on weekdays)

* Specific personal information refers to your personal ID number, or other personal information including it.

If a branch-based decision is made on intended purposes of personal information, further details depend on that decision.